Rowen’s Herbal Experience

I confess that I was nervous
‘Bout the plans we’d made tonight,
But Sage had done this often
And he said that I’d be fine.

He was expert, he assured,
And he practiced every day.
A self-taught master of the craft
I thought I heard him say

Timidly I took my place
And then he set to work.
The warmth and wetness felt so good,
We took it slow at first.

His hands, they felt so strong,
A firm but gentle touch.
I sighed in pleasure, closed my eyes . . .
I liked this far too much.

“Sage,” I murmured huskily.
And he replied with, “Yes?”
“Ya make this feel so very right,”
I said, then caught my breath.

The heady scent of essence
From our passions filled the air.
I moaned aloud and clenched my fists . . . !
Then Sage rinsed out my hair.

The End

This is Bender here, to tell you
No, Sage ain’t no two-cent whore . . .
But it seems that Herbal Essence isn’t
Just for women anymore.


A/N: Dedicated to Downfall into Destiny and Feathered Wings