The Sunflower

Today I saw a flower.
It reminded me of you,
with its gentle golden petals
warm and lovely like you, too.

I didn’t want to pick it
from the ground ‘cause it would die,
but all things end eventually,
someday too will you and I.

Our time is short and precious,
far too brief upon this earth.
It’s foolish not to spend it
wisely, as it has such worth.

So I picked the flower carefully
and brushed the dirt away.
When I held the present out for you,
I couldn’t think of what to say.

I’m a fighter, not a lover —
I was nervous, way too tense,
afraid of your rejection,
afraid of my offense.

At first you looked surprised.
I know, it’s plain to see;
I bet you thought that nothing sweet
could ever come from me.

And then you sort of smiled,
took the flower from my hand,
the offering I made to you,
nothing fancy, nothing grand.

I’m not quite sure it’s love
that I feel within my heart.
At least it isn’t yet, I think . . .
But it’s certainly a start.


A/N: Written as a companion piece to The Sunflower, a fanart featuring Kento and Sage.