Wicked Games
Won’t You Share My Coat?

       It was cold.

       No, scratch that. It was damned cold. It was so, so damned cold out Rowen had lost the feeling in his toes about five minutes ago. He was thankful he had the sense to wear extra socks and at least gloves but his sweater offered very little warmth, even as thick as it was. When the wind was blowing (like it was now) it went right through the cotton knit and chilled Rowen to the bone. They were waiting for the others near the lake on the Koji property, planning on doing some ice skating at Mia’s suggestion. Mia herself was quite sick of the boys complaining about being bored and though she had said it on a whim, she was a little worried about having front row underwater seats to Hardrock on Ice as performed by the one and only hefty Kento. But thankfully, falling through the ice in the dead of winter could be avoided for though the snow hadn't fallen all day and it appeared to be warming to a nice 20° Fahrenheit, the lake was solid as a block. Which was all well and good for Kento, but Rowen was whistling a different tune:

       “It’s ten fuckin’ thousand degrees below zero out here,” he huffed, teeth chattering. “Cold as hell.”

       Sage, standing with him but dressed warmly in a dark green thermal fleece jacket, replied, “Funny. I always thought Hell was hot.”

       “Must’ve frozen ovah when ya grew a brain,” Rowen snapped.

       “My, but you’re grumpy today.”

       “Yeah, well, it’s kinda hard ta be jubilant and merry when ya vitals ‘a slowly shuttin’ down cuzza hypothermia.”

       Sage turned to gaze at Rowen, shaking like a leaf in autumn and laughed softly, breath forming misty clouds. “Here. If you’re so cold, take my coat, Rowen.” He started to unzip it but Rowen blushed furiously and shook his head. He could imagine the others showing up and seeing him wearing Sage’s coat. Then the teasing and taunting would begin and Rowen couldn’t stand either. Why, how sweet of you, Sage, Cye would say. Giving up yoh coat foh Rowen. How adorable! You look so cute togetheh . . . and Sage would play along to make matters worse, calling himself Rowen’s “significant other” or even worse, his boyfriend. Secret lover. Idiotic things like that which made Rowen’s face flush twenty different shades of red. It was routine to them.

       “Uhh . . . no, thanks,” Rowen said. “But. I’m fine, really. Besides, ya might get sick ‘a somethin’.”

       “I assure you, I am healthy as can be,” Sage said with a smile. He unzipped his coat a little more. It looked warm and tempting; Rowen looked away as Kento’s voice entered his mind: Rowen and Saa-aage, sittin’ inna tree! F-U-C- “Really. I insist. Take it.”

       “Really. I decline. Keep it,” Rowen replied, trying to stop shivering. God, he was so cold.

       “Rowen!” Sage ordered in exasperation. “Take the goddamned coat!”

       “Sage!” Rowen snarled. “I don’t want the goddamned coat!”

       “Then shut up about being cold already!”



       They both turned their heads and glared angrily in opposite directions. A long time passed between them. Neither spoke. Rowen began shaking uncontrollably when the wind blew, and Sage glanced over at him; his cheeks and nose were bitten red by the frost and he looked blanched white every place else. That stubborn moron. Sage set his jaw and unzipped his coat all the way.

       Rowen stole a look in Sage’s direction and fairly jumped in alarm. Sage was moving close to him and- Rowen didn’t react fast enough to escape before Sage grabbed him in his arms and wrapped his open coat around the other lad’s cold body. He drew Rowen very tightly against him and zipped it up. Now two people were inside one coat, and that kept them very close together. It was too close for Rowen, and he pushed away slightly. Sage scowled at him and reached around, grabbing Rowen by the rear with both hands and pulling him back to where he was.

       “Don’t be such a pussy, Ro,” he muttered darkly. “You’re letting the cold air in.”

       Rowen blushed hotly and turned his head so he wouldn’t have to gaze into Sage’s eyes. It was warmer at least… but Sage had yet to remove his hands from Rowen’s backside.

       “Sage. Please take ya hands offa my ass.”

       “The buttocks have a large surface area. It’s one of the most unpleasant places to be chilled,” Sage said, exercising his dry wit.

       Rowen squirmed uneasily and Sage tightened his grip in response. As much as Rowen was loathe to admit it, Sage was right. And his hands definitely had a warming effect. Holy shit, just wait till the guys saw this. Rowen would never hear the end of it. Well, that’s what he got for refusing Sage’s hospitality: humiliation.

       Rowen gently pulled away and Sage once again grasped his rear — harder this time — and jerked him forward. Rowen fell against Sage’s chest and let out a small sound in his throat when the blond pressed their hips together.

       Rowen’s eyes went wide. What was that . . . ? It was a stupid question that he didn’t want to ask out loud and he knew damned well what it was: Sage’s cock, already half erect and pressing obtrusively into Rowen’s pelvis.

       Two large blue eyes widened and stared into a single lavender one. “Sage . . . ! Why’re ya . . .” Turned on by being close ta me? All those times you were jokin’ with the othas you were really telling the truth? “ . . . why?”

       Sage smiled. “Don’t look so surprised. You made it.”

       “But-!” Rowen was about to die of acute embarrassment. “But it’s your body part!”

       The blond leaned close and whispered, “I can fix that.” He brushed his lips against Rowen’s eyelashes. “We can share it . . .”

       “I don’t want it.”

       “Oh, really?” One of Sage’s hands released Rowen’s rear and slipped from the coat sleeve, moving in between their bodies. It traveled down to Rowen’s crotch where already a sizeable bulge had formed underneath the denim. Sage grinned, eyes sparkling. “Your body seems to be disagreeing with you, Rowen.”

       “My body is confused,” he replied between clenched teeth.

       “No, your mind is confused. Your body knows what’s natural-”

       “This isn’t natural, Sage.”

       “But you sure are warmer, aren’t you?” the blond commented wryly.

       Rowen hated it when Sage redirected the subject. It pissed him off so bad he felt that he could haul off and knock Sage’s lights out for being such a sadistic pervert . . . but the hand between his legs began to rub and stroke him gently and even through jeans and boxers the effect was maddening, in two ways: Rowen was mad that Sage had the nerve, the gall, the goddamned audacity to even think of touching him in this manner and yet it also made Rowen helplessly mad with lust. It made him want Sage even though his mind didn’t. It was shutting down slowly and his body was taking over. He became hot and short of breath. He clenched Sage’s sweater and did nothing to stop him. Did he actually want this? Sage’s hand slipped into Rowen’s jeans and began to fondle the coarse hair and hot flesh that lay there, and the question was answered with an almighty, earth-shaking hell yes.

       Rowen clenched Sage’s sweater in his fists and jerked him forward, snarling, “You win, alright? You win. Now take me ta bed and get it over with. Okay?”

       Sage didn’t need to hear it twice; he unzipped the coat and took Rowen by the hand, beginning the rather hasty trek back to Mia’s house. A grueling ten minutes later they stumbled through the front door, slamming it loudly and rushing up the stairs. On their way up they met the others on the way down.

       “Hey, guys! Got tired of waiting for us?” Ryo joked.

       Kento asked. “Where you two off to in such a hurry?”

       Sage jerked his head towards his room. “Rowen and I are going for a quickie. We’ll be down shortly.”

       Ryo, Mia and Kento laughed and Cye teased, “Enjoy yourselves!”

       When Sage and Rowen had dashed out of view, Mia commented innocently, “What a couple of clowns.”

       The door to Sage’s bedroom slammed shut and locked, then the clothes were hastily being pulled off. Sage’s mouth found Rowen’s a proceeded to have sex with it, moist tongue swirling and dancing with Rowen’s sloppily, saliva trailing from their lips. Sage fairly picked Rowen up and tossed him on the bed, then jumped on himself, tearing off the rest of his and Rowen’s clothes.

       “You know how to do this?” he asked, yanking Rowen’s boxers down around his ankles and off, spreading his legs wide.

       “No,” came the panting reply.

       “This should be interesting then.” Sage ducked down and inserted his tongue into Rowen’s navel, brushing his lips against the warm stomach and sucking gently. Rowen drew his legs up and felt his cock, now fully erect and aching in need, rub against Sage’s chest.

       “Hurry up,” Rowen moaned in agony. “No time for this.”

       Sage raised his eyebrows questioningly. “You don’t like foreplay?”

       “Just hurry up. Save it for next time-” Rowen stopped himself and watched Sage’s face gleam maniacally. What did I just say? There is no next time, there shouldn’t be a next time, there will be no next time . . . “I didn’t know what I said.”

       “The hell you didn’t.”

       “Shut up and fuck me already.”

       He saw Sage shudder, his erection almost visibly throbbing. My, it looked large . . .

       “You want it quick?”

       Rowen nodded.

       “Then roll over.”

       Rowen obeyed.

       “On your hands and knees.”

       Rowen raised his body and felt Sage scoot towards him on his knees.

       “Is this how it’s done?” Rowen inquired. “Like the animals?”

       “Yes,” Sage answered huskily. “Invented by animals, perfected by man. Spread your legs for me, Rowen.”

       The azure-haired lad put some distance between his knees. He felt Sage’s hands on his rear, spreading his cheeks, then a prying finger slowly forced its way into his tight orifice. Rowen gripped the covers and lowered his head, hair falling over his eyes as he growled softly. The finger was joined by another, stretching, spanning, distorting his narrow passage wide. Tears of pain flooded his eyes as he endured.

       “Does it always hurt this bad?”

       “It does when you want it quick.” Sage’s fingers worked their way deeper until they found the spot they had been seeking. Rowen gasped as a wave of total satisfaction washed over and drowned him. “Ah, there it is.” Now Sage knew where to set his sights; he withdrew his fingers and allowed Rowen a moment’s recovery before placing his hands on his hips and guiding him backwards.

       Rowen felt Sage’s cock against his ass a second before it dove into his tight, confining heat. From behind him came the sound of Sage moaning in sheer ecstasy.

       “Oh God, Rowen, you’re so tight.”

       Rowen gritted his teeth and hissed sardonically, “God, Sage, ya so large.”

       Sage pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock in deeper. Rowen keened out loud and felt fluid dripping from his own erection. It hurt, but it hurt so good . . . he raised his hips, arched his back and pressed himself onto Sage. He felt the flesh of his rear meet with Sage’s groin and he knew he was in to the hilt.

       “Let me do the work,” Sage said, voice dripping pleasure like honey. He pulled his hips back, withdrawing his long arousal from Rowen’s body and driving it in again. Rowen was pushed forward with the force of the action and Sage began a steady rhythm that rocked him forward and backward on the bed. Sage had a job to do and he did it well, making sure that everything was carried out quickly and neatly and dutifully.

       Rowen’s bluish hair fell into his eyes, his teeth rattled with every powerful push Sage made into him — he felt the blond shake every bone in his body he was doing him so hard. Again and again and again. Mattress springs squeaked and the joints of the bed groaned with the repetition.

       Rowen stared at a fold in the covers and imagined how he looked right now; on his hands and knees like a knave before his king, getting fucked by his own friend, letting himself get fucked, willingly playing the role of the passive slut so that Sage might reap his own reward, his own pleasure, and milk it from Rowen’s body like wine. Thinking those thoughts for some reason made Rowen enjoy what was being done to him all the more.

       “Harder,” he panted. “Fuck me harder, Seiji.”

       At the sound of his pet name, a name only his family and close friends used when begging something of him, the blond slammed into Rowen like a stake, pounded in and out so forcefully he was grunting with each thrust. Rowen sank down onto his elbows, spine arched like a cat in heat, head back, mouth open, eyes closed and sucking in gasps of air.

       “Ah, God . . . yes, Seiji . . . OW!” That one hurt. Bad angling on Sage’s part.

       “Sorry,” he muttered. “I slipped-”

       “Neva mind.”

       “No, really. I don’t want to hurt you.”

       “Sage, cut the theatrics and get busy, okay?”

       Pause. “Alright. If you want.”

       “I want.”

       Sage pushed his hips forward timidly and that final motion made Rowen cum harder than he ever had before in his life. He closed his eyes, bit his lower lip and grasped the bed sheets like he wanted to tear them apart; he was more than capable of doing it. He moaned and gasped raggedly, feeling hot semen burst from his body, spattering in thick, creamy droplets on his chest and the bed below him. He groaned with every breath he exhaled and the sound of it was music to Sage’s ears.

       He grappled Rowen’s soft and slender hips with unparalleled greed, routing in and out of him almost violently in his eagerness. The friction of sliding in and out finally raised the orgasm in Sage’s heated blood and he let his fertile river unleash itself into Rowen’s body.

       Rowen felt the flood rush into him and he convulsed, coming for a second time. Sage felt the other boy’s body clench and constrict around his cock and he pushed himself in as far as he would go, pelvis pressing painfully into Rowen’s rear. Sage leaned over and wrapped his arms around the other lad’s waist, trailing his fingers in the still warm fluid on his chest. Rowen’s arms and legs were shaking weakly; he let himself drop flat onto his stomach, Sage falling heavily on top of him. The blond was struggling to regain his breath, panting in Rowen’s ear loudly. They stayed that way for a while.

       “I don’t think I can ice skate now,” Rowen mumbled, face in the covers. “I don’t even think I can walk.”

       “You should talk,” Sage pouted. “All you did was sit there. I did all the work. I might have dislocated a hip.”

       “Well, right now ya crushin’ me. Get off.”

       Sage unwillingly crawled off of Rowen, who rolled over onto his back and propped himself up on the pillows, looking down at his body.

       “God, whatta mess. I’m all sticky.”

       “You should have let me suck you off but noooo. You didn’t want foreplay.” Sage sat back on his legs and brushed the golden hair from his eyes.

       Rowen narrowed his eyes and the unquestionably attractive blond, not even feeling the least bit guilty. “What about next time?”

       Sage glanced up, looking surprised. “There’s a next time?”

       Rowen frowned angrily. “Yeah, there’ll be a next time. Ya like a professional gigolo. I enjoyed gettin’ fucked by you.”

       “You’re like a professional slut. I enjoyed fucking you.” Sage’s eyes twinkled mischievously and Rowen blushed. “I can’t believe that was your first time.”

       “How did you know I was a virgin?” Rowen snarled.

       Sage blinked. “I meant you were a virgin as far as being the ‘one getting done’. I wasn’t aware you had never had sex at all . . .” He smiled. “Funny.”

       “How can that possibly be humorous?”

       “A lonely, pale, dateless virgin who has nothing better to do than geek around and read books and play

       Rowen grabbed a pillow and soundly buffeted Sage’s bare torso with it. The blond laughed merrily and snatched the pillow, jerking Rowen forward. He placed an arm around Rowen’s shoulder and began to kiss him but Rowen pulled away indignantly. “Don’t ya know anything! Ya not supposed ta kiss ya whore.”

       “You’re not my whore, Rowen. You’re my lover.”

       The blue haired boy shook his head. “There’s no love here,” he muttered.

       Sage still held him tightly. “Then what do you call what we just di- oh, wait. Never mind.” He thought a moment then allowed Rowen to slip from his arms. “Okay. Okay, so we fucked,” Sage admitted grudgingly. “No love at all. You would rather get banged by me than loved by me?”

       “Right now, yes. The aspect of loving ya I find very unnerving.”

       Sage sighed. “You sure are strange.”

       “I have my reasons.”

       “I have my reasons,” Sage mocked in a sarcastic voice, crawling out of bed. “Well, at least it was quick.”

       “How long?”

       “About twelve minutes,” Sage said after glancing at the clock on his bedside table. “We’ll have fun breaking that record. Now get dressed and clean yourself up.” He picked Rowen’s clothes up off the floor and tossed them to him. “You look like you’ve had sex with a tornado.”

       Rowen made an insolent face at the blond’s back and sat down on the edge of the bed gingerly, still feeling the slick essence de Sage greasing his thighs and swimming within his body. He blushed and used the bed sheets to wipe his own mess off of his stomach and chest and then Sage’s. They finished getting dressed in silence. As they prepared to leave the room, Rowen picked the dark green thermal fleece coat from the floor and put it on. Sage looked at him, miffed.

       “Hey now, babe. That’s my coat.”

       “Don’t see ya name on it. Besides, don’t I get anything outta this?” Rowen winked seductively and waltzed himself out the door.

       Sage and Rowen appeared at the lakeside, Rowen looking unusually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and his blond companion looking very ruffled, radiant and pleased with himself.

       Ryo looked up from tying on his ice skates and complained, “There you are. What took you so long?”

       “I told you, Rowen and I went for a quickie,” Sage replied matter-of-factly.

       Ryo rolled his eyes and grinned. “Oh, yeah. I forgot.”

       “I’m serious.”

       “Yeah, and I’m you’re mother,” Ryo scoffed with a smile before getting up and waddling out to the ice, leaving Halo and Strata on the sidelines.

       Sage and Rowen looked at each other and shrugged.

       “What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” Sage said, then shivered. “Rowen?”


       “I’m cold. Can I share your coat?”


A/N: This story was actually based on a mock doujinshi of mine called “Tenez Moi, Il Froid” (ten-ay mwa, eel fwa) , French for “Hold Me, It’s Cold”. It never saw the light of day, but maybe I can change that.