Wicked Games
Bitch Switch

       It had been three weeks. That was nearly a month. Too long for a libido to go bridled and restrained, and Rowen was becoming quite ill in attitude. He wanted Sage again. Nothing could satisfy him like Sage. He now relied upon the blond for all his dirty, secret cravings for lust. Was it lust? Or was he becoming emotionally dependent on Sage aside from physically? It was a question Rowen tried not to ask himself as he glared across the dinner table at his erstwhile lover (easy fuck more suitably) of three weeks prior, who deftly ignored him as he chatted with Cye about the Brit’s wonderful recipe for fondue. Rowen boiled and pouted, slouching down in his chair and poking his dinner with his fork.

       Last night Sage had gone on a date. With a girl. Though Rowen was no way in hell close to admitting it, he was frothing in jealousy. When Sage had returned at a very late hour, Rowen kept himself from going off like a Newton bomb by reminding his brain that he had no reason to be envious; the relationship (or lack thereof) between he and Sage was purely physical, collectively agreed by both parties for one purpose only: fulfilling sexual needs and nothing more. Rowen knew that and yet he hated it… but when Sage was fucking him he felt so good. As an only child, he was inclined to be somewhat selfish, and when he thought of Sage bestowing those wonderful, euphoric feelings on anyone else, it was enough to burst every capillary in Rowen’s body. Sage was his lover. And God help the soul who fucked with his lover. Rowen would come raining down on them with all of Hell’s almighty fury and make them wish they had died by-

       “Could you pass me the pepper, Ro?”

       Rowen snapped to attention and stared mutely at Sage. Then he reached for the shaker and handed it to the blond. Their fingers brushed together, slid away, and Rowen grinded his teeth together so tightly they squealed. Then he picked up his fork and focused all his attention on his plate as if nothing happened.

       “So Sage,” Ryo piped up enthusiastically. “How was your date last night?”

       Rowen stabbed his fork clean through a piece of meat; the juices oozed out and the metal squealed on the china plate like nails on a blackboard. Kento and Mia grimaced.

       Sage gazed at Rowen oddly, watching steam rise from his lover’s head.

       “Yes, Seiji,” came the growl between clenched teeth. “How. Was. Your. Date?”

       “Uh. Fine.”

       Rowen smiled, eyes gleaming wide in a maniacal way, and said in a voice dripping with acid, “HOW. WONDERFUL.” The fork grated on the china and everyone shuddered.

       Cye leaned over and whispered, “Rowen . . . ah you feeling olright?”

       “Neva betta.”

       “Well, you don’t look so good.”

       “Why do ya say that?”

       “Yoh face is scarlet and yoh left eye is twitching. You look a fright.”

       “Perhaps I should excuse myself, then.” He stood up from the table and marched out of the room. They could hear his footsteps pounding up the stairs and a window-rattling slam of his bedroom door.

       “God, what stick’s fucking his ass?” Kento grunted irritably.

       “Kento, watch your damned language!” Ryo snapped.

       “Yah,” Cye added. “We got a lady at the table foh Christ’s sake.”

       Mia sighed heavily and shook her head. Sage set down his fork silently. He knew what the problem was. How could he explain to Rowen that it wasn’t even really a date? He was just spending time with a girl. He felt comfortable around her because she was new in town and also incredibly bashful; he was just showing her around. Took her out to dinner. Friend stuff. She even had a boyfriend and never once made “girly” eyes at him. It almost dented his pride.

       Sage decided he would have to talk to Rowen. He sure seemed upset. Well, it was his fault for trying to be so possessive of him. They had agreed on a purely professional level of their sexual activities and Sage could have a relationship and break off their agreement any time he pleased. But the question is, could he if he wanted to? Maybe things were out of hand here. He suddenly felt a heavy sense of guilt in his stomach and murmured, “I’m through.”

       “But you’ve hardly eaten a thing,” Cye pointed out.

       “Sorry. I had a late lunch today and I’m not really hungry.”

       The British cook frowned. “Well, that’s bloody fantastic. Would anyone else like to insult me this evening?”

       Ryo raised his hand. “You’re an eel.”

       A brunette eyebrow arched and Mia concealed her laughter. “I ‘appen to like eels.”

       “Me, too,” Ryo snickered evilly. “They taste like chicken.”

       Cye blushed hotly and turned away.

       “Oh, pay no attention to them, Cye.” Mia patted his hand comfortingly. “I’ll help you wrap the leftovers and we can have them tomorrow. How does that sound?”

       “Brilliant, love.” Cye stuck his tongue out at Ryo, who mimicked the action in an obscene manner. Kento jumped at the opportunity:

       “You better watch that tongue Sanada, or I’ll cut that little fucker right outta your face-”

       “Jesus Christ, Kento!” Sage swatted him on the top of the head.

       “I’ve neveh ‘eard such shit in me life-!”

       Mia picked up her plate and left the dining room to go eat in the kitchen. The table was simply no place for a lady these days.

       Sage didn’t even bother to knock — he just opened the door to Rowen’s room and walked in, slamming it behind him. Rowen, sitting on his bed, jumped and stuffed something quickly under the covers. Sage strode over and sat down on the bed next to him.

       “What’s the matter?”

       “Nothin’,” Rowen snapped.

       “Why do you lie to me?”

       “I’m not lying-”

       “Yeah, right,” Sage said haughtily, reaching under the covers and pulling out his dark green jacket. The very thing that had fueled this pathetic excuse of a relationship between them.

       Rowen blushed angrily and stammered, “H-how’d that get there? Well, ya can have it back now. I don’t want it anymore.”

       Sage’s face softened into a smile and leaned over, stroking Rowen’s cheek with the back of his hand. “You’re so adorable when you’re jealous.”

       “I’m not jealous!”

       “Bullshit. You’re turning green.”

       Rowen scowled. “Only ‘cause ya make me sick.”

       “It’s about that ‘date’ last night, isn’t it?”

       Rowen said nothing.

       “So it is. Well, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that absolutely nothing happened so I’ll reassure you.”

       Rowen turned his head to glare at the blond. “Oh yeah?”

       Sage nodded. “Fuck me.”


       “Go on, fuck me, Rowen. I think you’ll enjoy being top. You just have to go easy on me. I’m not used to being the one getting done.” He grabbed Rowen by the collar and pulled him forward, letting himself fall backwards and bringing the other young man down on him.

       Rowen growled and attempted to wrestle away. “I don’t wanna!”

       “You can get your anger out-”

       “I’m not angry, goddammit!”

       “Then what the hell’s your problem?”

       Silence fell, and Rowen’s expression melted as he stared down into Sage’s lavender-blue eyes. “I . . . I dunno,” he whispered. Sage smiled helplessly at Rowen’s frustration and laughed softly, slipping a hand behind his neck and bringing him down for a short kiss.

       “Come on, Rowen . . .” the blond murmured with a grin. “I’ll be your bitch tonight, what do you say?”

       Rowen wide blue eyes filled with something akin to fear and he muttered, “But I . . . don’t know how. What if I do somethin’ wrong?”

       Sage winked at him. “You won’t kill me, baby boy. If it gets to where you’re really oafing out on me, I’ll take over.”

       “Why’re ya makin’ me do this?”

       “You’ve got to see how it is to be on the giving end.” Sage awkwardly pulled his shirt over his head, charging his thick golden hair with static. It frumpled messily and he brushed it back out of his eyes, letting his head rest comfortably on the bulky covers of Rowen’s bed. He was truly gorgeous; pure complexion, soft, effeminate features, well-toned muscles sheathed in a cloak of pale silk, all of that which is Sage, and all of it beautiful.

       He smiled and very gently, non-aggressively, slid his hands over Rowen’s chest and sighed with a breath as sultry as the summer’s twilight, “Don’t be shy. I’ll make it easy.”

       It was almost strange to see Sage acting so submissive but he obviously trusted Rowen, else he wouldn’t be putting the well being of his body into his hands . . .

       Rowen gulped and set his jaw determinedly, beginning to unbutton his shirt. Sage gazed at him, eyes shining happily, then accepted the kiss Rowen leaned down to give him. There was something sweet and angelic about this kiss, maybe even a little hesitant. Soft, warm, breathy, wet, gentle . . . it was the best kiss Sage had ever had in his life, and when he realized this he felt something grasp his heart in an iron grip and hold on. He pressed against Rowen, silently pleading for more of this sweetness.

       It was a lot like Make Believe or playing Pretend. Sage had a role to play and it was submissive, however there were certain things to be expected: soft moans and gasping breaths, gentle writhings and coy touches. Sage could play the role, as he often did with himself. Rowen was expected to be the giver this time, the silent, working force that did his job and took it in stride. Sage thought, ‘this should be interesting’ as Rowen fumbled to slide the pants off Sage’s legs.

       “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist once you had me under you,” the blond smirked.

       They melted together with a soft moan and another kiss, getting comfortable on the bed and divesting themselves of a few more articles of clothing. Sage was already hard and ready but knew that it would be a slow ride with Rowen driving him. He had practiced repressing orgasm until the latest possible moment so now would be a good time to test it. Perhaps he would make it, or perhaps he would spill himself prematurely in Rowen’s warm mouth or his gently gripping hand. Sage wanted to save it until Rowen was inside of him. He hoped he could manage the feat.

       Rowen timidly drew back and slowly inched Sage’s boxers down the ivory flesh of his hips and off his legs. Sage propped himself up on his elbows and watched the expressions flit across Rowen’s features. It was amusing.

       “After all I’ve done to you, you still blush.”

       Rowen warmed to a deeper color and stared down at the sizable erection that was brought forth from the dark golden hair between Sage’s legs. Sage looked down at his own flushed body and tried to imagine what Rowen thought of it.

       “Do you need a formal invitation?” Sage teased, spreading his legs apart and wrapping them around Rowen’s waist slightly. “Come on. You can start wherever and however you like.”

       Rowen grinned evilly. “I’ll do what ya did to me the first time.” He ducked his head down to Sage’s stomach and dipped his tongue into the blond’s navel. Sage shuddered and felt himself harden more (if that were even possible) at the warm wetness swirling about on his sensitive lower stomach. He understood how Rowen had felt now; it was almost maddening the way he wished for his blue-haired partner to just move down a little bit and reach the epicenter of the painful throbbing. Relief. He needed relief. Sage parted his lips and exhaled heavily, closing his eyes.

       “Nnh. Tou- Rowen.”

       “It’s okay. Ya can call me Touma.”

       Sage smiled weakly, face flushed. Rowen met his eyes briefly, just enough to flash a delighted twinkle at him before returning to his business, leaving a trail of molten saliva down Sage’s lower stomach and — finally — parting his lips and swallowing the head of Sage’s aching cock. It took every ounce of the blond’s self-will not to cum right then and there. He kept himself propped up despite his painful position, wanting to watch Rowen please him. And God damn, was he a vision for lustful eyes. The way Rowen’s soft, blushing lips sheathed his phallus, his alluring and fluttering eyelashes barely hanging open, his rosy cheeks that hugged against his fine cheekbones when he sucked on Sage’s length, and those tender blue locks of hair falling over his forehead . . . but most of all his mouth. That dark red tongue, he could feel it, running its slow massage over the tip of his penis and Sage gasped suddenly, softly. He reached down between his legs and stroked Rowen’s cheek.

       “You have a most beautiful mouth, Rowen. But I think it’d be even more beautiful with my cock all the way inside it.”

       Rowen smiled around the length in his mouth and released it, licking his lips appreciatively. “Nuh uh. I call the shots this time.” He dipped his head lower and began to tease the soft, warm sac of flesh with his tongue, gently. Sage’s arms seized hold of the brass bars of the foot of the bed and clenched them hard, tendons in his arms and biceps rippling with force.

       “Fuck . . .! Rowen-!” he grunted.

       Rowen continued to play with him, reaching up with his fingers to lightly tickle Sage’s erection, running his forefinger just barely along the underside. A few drops dribbled down in the digit’s impatience to be fully attended to.

       “If you don’t do something I’m going to explode,” the blond moaned, willpower to withstand this erotic torture thrown to the winds.

       “Good.” Rowen once again closed his mouth over Sage’s erection and tightened his lips, opened his throat and took it all the way in. The warrior of light tossed his head viciously, thrust his hips upward as he came. What Rowen didn’t swallow he spat into his hand, then looked up at Sage, who was staring at him and gasping for breath.

       “I suppose it will take a while to get used to swallowing . . . if you don’t like the taste . . .” he panted.

       Rowen shook his head. “Not that; I just have anotha use for it.” He grabbed a pillow and said, “Lift up a little.” Sage obediently lifted his hips and Rowen slipped the pillow underneath to give some elevation. Then he craftily coated his first two fingers in semen and asked, “This is how ya do it?”

       Sage nodded. “Slowly.”

       The darker haired boy caressed Sage’s orifice before meticulously easing in one lubricated finger. Then he pulled out and tried again with two. Sage desperately tried to keep his muscles relaxed. “Nnh-!” he squealed suddenly, and Rowen ceased what he was doing and allowed the blond to catch his breath.

       “Ah . . . ah,” came the pain-drenched gasps. “God, slowly, Rowen. Don’t rush it or you’ll split me.”

       “I’m sorry.”

       “It’s okay.”

       Rowen crawled forward on his knees and placed his hands on Sage’s shins, guiding them apart. He took one look at the golden haired young man, red-cheeked and gazing at him with lust-filled eyes. Then he pressed the tip of his arousal against the prepared entrance, bore down, and slid slowly inside.

       “Hahhh, Rowen!” Sage shouted. “Nnhhhh, deeper.”

       Rowen pushed his hips forward and did as commanded. Sage let go of the bed bars and grabbed Rowen’s shoulders, pulling himself up. He arched his back, raised his legs, and with one more push from Rowen, found his G-spot. A tremendous gasp escaped Sage’s lips and he uttered, “Yes. Yes, there. Now fuck me. Fuck me, Rowen!”

       The command was obeyed and executed; Rowen lost himself as he felt his passion focus in his groin, and he fucked Sage hard, just as he himself had been. Every thrust and every cry from Sage’s lips was dealing sweet justice to his own inferior position in the relationship, the slave turned master with a ravenous sexual vengeance. And Rowen dealt it unto Sage such as Sage had never been dealt unto before. The bed rocked, creaked and bumped up against the wall with the actions being performed on it.

       Rowen had never felt so satisfied, so justified, so pleased than with the feeling of his cock going in and out of Sage’s tight, flexing body. So this is what he was talking about. No wonder Sage was such a sexual being; after feeling this kind of hedonistic delight, who wouldn’t be?

       Sage lay passively stretched out beneath Rowen, staring at the chest above him, rapidly rising and falling, gleaming with sweat, nipples hardened. He bit his lip and endured Rowen’s frenzied thrusting, his amateur and painful driving, quietly. He had no idea his lover could be so rough and dominant. He would have to let him be top more often. The coming and going of the hard phallus within him, striking his pleasure point was something he could get used to.

       Sage leaned up a little, wrapped his arms around Rowen’s shoulders and his legs around his waist and pulled him closer, deeper. With a sort of surprised “Oh!” and a sudden intake of breath, Rowen came and became, became a man gone mad with love’s fire and ground his hips against Sage’s. Tears actually formed in the blond’s eyes and he opened his mouth and sucked in gasps of air. He was surprised when a mouth closed over his own, tongue slipping inside and caressing his own with a tenderness denied to his lower body. The contrast was shocking. Then he felt Rowen’s seed, his azure haired lover personified in that warm liquid, flow through him and he kissed back twice as passionately.

       It was almost perfect.

       The archer shakily withdrew from Sage’s mouth and body, sat back on his legs and panted. He looked absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful than before. Sage had to sit up for a better look. Yes, he really was there, and Rowen collapsed exhausted onto his back and closed his eyes.

       “Rowen?” Sage ventured.


       “Are you going to sleep?”


       The blond crawled up, ignoring the dull pain radiating from his lower body and the cramping of his hip muscles, and lay down next to Rowen, curling up in the covers and closing his eyes. Rowen’s eyes opened and an eyebrow took a leap onto his forehead. “You’re sleepin’ with me?” he asked incredulously.

       “I’ve been sleeping with you, Rowen.”

       “Not a sex sleep, a sleep sleep.”

       “I let you fuck me. I might as well be able to rest afterwards, hm?”

       Rowen puzzled. “I . . . I suppose.”

       “Then shh.”

       Rowen shhed without another word and the two misbegotten lovers drifted off into dreamland together.

       Rowen was the first one up the next morning. Sage was still sleeping next to him when he crawled out of bed and gathered the blond’s clothes off the floor, jumped into the shower and sang in key for once. Still, it wasn’t easy listening and soon he had awoken the entire household.

       When he went back to his room, the blond and his clothes were gone. Rowen got dressed and skipped down the stairs whistling, sashayed into the kitchen and warbled merrily, “G’mornin’!”

       He was greeted with tired, sleepless stares all around.

       “What?” he asked innocently.

       “I had to listen to the wall banging and you and Sage going at it last night,” Ryo said sulkily. “Warn us next time before you get into it.”

       Rowen’s heart dropped out of his chest and to the soles of his feet. “I . . . it . . . it’s not what ya think, I swear da God, it ain’t!” he stammered, heart pounding frantically. Then someone cleared their throat and spoke words that saved Rowen’s life, if not his reputation. It was none other than Sage.

       “We were having an argument and a few things got thrown,” the blond murmured calmly, sipping his coffee before looking up at Rowen complacently. He didn’t look very well rested. In fact, it looked like he hadn’t slept at all. “Isn’t that right?”

       Rowen was stunned for a second before instincts kicked in. “Uh . . . ’a course! We were having a fight is all. Sorry ‘bout keepin’ you guys awake.”

       Cye smirked. “Yah, sure. We know you were shagging like mad.”

       “Oops, we’re busted, Rowen,” Sage said in mock shock, glancing at Rowen and urging him to play along in the joke.

       “Yep, guess so,” the azure haired young man said, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

       Mia, ever interested in real life human drama, said, “Well, did you two resolve your argument? I don’t like the idea of friends being at odds. You threw things? I hope nothing got broken.”

       “Don’t worry yourself,” Sage said airily. “The only thing he broke was my heart.”

       “How poetic,” Cye giggled.

       “Stroll on,” the blond retorted in an English accent.

       Rowen was glowing with happiness. Jokes, harmless, innocent jokes. They could keep this up forever. Just he and Sage and whatever, wherever, whenever they chose to get down and dirty. Maybe they could start experimenting with bondage and toys or-

       “So, are you still meeting that chick for another date tonight?” Kento asked of Sage, and Rowen’s heart froze. Sage stared into his coffee like a crystal ball.

       “Uh.” He fidgeted. “I’m…” He snuck a glance over at his undercover lover and the heartbroken look in those deep blue eyes said more than any book possibly could, and with twice the clarity. “…probably not. I’m going to be busy tonight.”

       “Oh, really?” Cye asked. “Doing whot, pray tell?”

       Sage looked at Rowen with an expression that said: this one is yours. Rowen grinned widely and beamed, “Seiji and I have anotha round of fighting to finish.