Cye Mouri’s Island

Just take a seat and I’ll tell the tale,
The tale of a limey Brit
Who took his friends on a cruise one day
Aboard his busted ship.

His best friend Kento couldn’t swim
And Ryo turned bright green
Ro-wen and Sage hung overboard
And barfed in the sea (and barfed in the sea).

They sailed into a hurricane
The ship faired worse than most
If not for Cye’s heroic deeds
The Ronins would be toast (the Ronins would be toast).

They washed ashore on the beach of some Lost-like uncharted isle
With Cye Mouri, and Kento too,
And also Sage, man of style,
The Genius and, a professional fireman
Here on Cye Mouri’s Isle.

©2002 H.J. Bender