Arago’s Paradise

As he floats through his castle way up there in the clouds
Arago looks at his slaves and then shouts at them really loud
And he’s been ranting and raving so long
That even Badamon’s sure that his hearing’s gone
But he ain’t never crossed a man like Kaosu before and
Didn’t think that stupid monk would harsh his big war plan
But now he’s come back from the dead, with just his big head
But this time he’s brought in backup, so watch where ya tread

He really hates Troopers and he’s gotta know
Who to call for the funeral after they croak, fool
He’s the kinda fiend that little Mashos wanna be like
On their feet day and night, serving him for their whole lives

They’ve been spending most their lives living in Arago’s paradise
They’ve all been paying the price living in Arago’s paradise
Same dinner every night living in Arago’s paradise
Cold beans and luke-warm rice living in Arago’s paradise

We got a situation, got Troopers facing
Looking death right in the eye, they was raised for this mission
But Arago’s not ‘bout to give in to
Five teenagers wearing armor who ain’t got a clue
He’s a disembodied head with power on his mind
Got a mouth full of teeth and some glowing red eyes
He’s a strung-out, mega-bad evil demon
And his Masho are armed, so don’t you get him screaming, fool
Death ain’t nothing but a sword fight away
Will the Troopers live or die, what can I say?
They’re fighting hard now, will they ever beat Arago
The way things is going, I don’t know.

It’s no wonder he’s so easily
The evilest guy in history.

There’s too many rats and mice living in Arago’s paradise
Got lots of fleas and lice living in Arago’s paradise
The Masho agree it bites living in Arago’s paradise
They wish they’d all thought twice living in Arago’s paradise

Power in the armor, armor in the power
Soldier after soldier, hour after hour
All the Troopers fighting, and most of them are screaming,
“Yo, bring it on, we ain’t leaving!” Arago sends more demons.
The Troopers got to learn and Arago’s there to teach them,
If they won’t just surrender, how can he reach them?
I guess he tried
I guess he failed
I guess they won
And that’s how Arago lost the war, kids.

It’s really bad advice living in Arago’s paradise
Your soul will turn to ice living in Arago’s paradise
Kill time rolling the dice living in Arago’s paradise
Please tighten my head vise living in Arago’s paradise

It’s no wonder he’s so easily
The evilest guy in history.
It’s no wonder he’s so easily
The evilest guy in history.


©2002 H.J. Bender