Notes on Names

Since the folks responsible for the North American dub of Samurai Troopers took liberties with the facts, I don't see why little ol' Bender can't, either. So here it is in plain English, why the names used in my stories are the way they are.

Sanada Ryo - Ryo Sanada - Remains Ryo Sanada. Let's face it, the name is too cool to change. Besides, it'd be dumb if the leader of a group of masterless samurai was Mighty McWhitey. In some of my [yet-unpublished] AU stories, Ryo's nationality may be changed to suit my diabolical whims. Expect to see him surface in such parts as a Native American in the wild west, a persecuted Jew in Nazi Germany, and let's not forget a sexually-abused Roman general in Ancient Greece.

Date Seiji - Sage Datier - I gave Halo a French Twist, and nearly busted his bulb. A rather recent development of Sage's character, I've turned him into a mixed-blood French descendent of Date Masamune, with all of the Japanese on his mother's side. His father I've molded into a Frenchman, which I'm sure pissed off Grandpa Date even more than having the family name of Date Frankified to Datier. I retain the name of Seiji as Sage's first name, therefore his middle name is his primary one. So he's Seiji "Sage" Datier. His siblings are Yayoi "Yvette" Datier and Satsuki "Sophie" Datier. His father is Jean-Michel Laurent, and Sage probably would have taken his surname if Grandpa Date wasn't such a rotten old bastard. Sage is generally forbidden from contact with his dad's side of the family, who still live in France.

Mouri Shin - Cye Maury - I actually liked Michael Donovan's British take on Cye, so I decided to run with it. Aside from Anglicizing the surname to Maury, I throw in a lot of British slang, mannerisms and in-jokes when writing Cye. I've toughened him up a bit, maybe too much in that he occasionally drinks and smokes and swears profusely, but I try to stick with Cye's empathic, sensitive personality and trustworthiness. In my stories, you definitely won't see Cye as a permanent fixture in the kitchen, or smashing his friends over the head with soup ladels. You might, however, see him excercising his dry wit and snarkiness without discrimination. His mother Helen still lives in Manchester, as well as his sister Sabine and her fiancé Nigel.

Hashiba Touma - Rowen Hashiba - I've effectively turned Rowen into a Canuck. His mother I've cast as a Canadian journalist who fell in love with an eccentric Japanese professor Genichirou "Gene" Hashiba. As a result, Rowen spent most of his life growing up in Canada and speaks French as a second language. He also speaks fluent Japanese. His accent, while bein' one a tha most harrendous n' frustratin' ones I've evah written, isn't quite stereotypical Canadian, but don't be surprised to find a few "eys" or francophonic jargon thrown in there. In recent years I've turned Rowen from a nobody to a skank to a pothead to a smartass to a geniusass.

Rei Fuan Shu - Kento Rei Fuan/Xiu Rei Fuan - What kind of name is Kento anyway? Were they thinking of "Kenton" and just got lazy toward the end? Whatever. It doesn't matter. Because it's hard to deny Kento's Chinese heritage, I left his name alone, though you might see me throw in the name Xiu/Shu when he interacts with his family. Like Sage, I've given different name instances when related to family, so while Kento is still Kento (or Ken/Kenny) to his friends, to his parents he will always be Xiu/Shu.

Yagyu Nasutei - Mia Koji - Since the English dub took care of this one, I just left it. If you see me writing extensively about her, she will most likely be, as the original info suggests, the daughter of a Japanese-French union.

Yamano Jun - Yuli Yamano - How many renditions of the name Yuli are there? I've seen it written Yulie, Eulie, and Ully. I'm just going to leave the kid as Yuli. Maybe it's a pet name of some Mexian take on "Julian", I don't know. Yuli Yamano it is.

Kaosu - The Ancient One - I get tired of typing TEH ANCIENT !!1!!ONE all the time, so I'll use it in conjunction with the name Kaosu, which I view as the monk's actual name. "The Ancient One" is like his gangster title.

The Warlords - The English dub did the hard part, and I doubt I'll ever want to add surnames to these guys. If I do, I'm sure it'll be relevant to whatever fic I happen to be writing at the moment.

All other characters - Expect anything.