So ugly it'll make onions cry.

New Fanart (2007-present)

New Rowen
New Age Sage
Strata-Wildfire-Halo !

Old Fanart (1997-2004)

Rowen With His Dad
Zoot Suit Seiji
Cye & Ryo Have Kids
Oekaki Quilt
Toony Ronins
Goofy Sketches
Goofy Sketches 2
Goofy Sketches 3
Goofy Sketches 4
Goofy Sketches 5
Dumb News Anchor
Sage Having a Smoke
Badass Rowen
Shagadelic Cye
Evil Dr. Kento
Ronin Gumballs
Cale/Sage Chibi Gift
Seiji Says Thanks
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Christmas in China
Christmas in Russia
Group Shot in Pencil
Ronin Beatles
Crimson Cloak
Building the Site
Rare 1998 Sketches
Clear Eyed
Super Smash Ronins
Redneck Sage
Pop Star Ryo
Badass Sage
Unhappy Valentines Day
Happy Holidays
Chibi Rowen
Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming
Flooding the Board
Whatcha Eatin'?
Dais Watercolor
The Great Bludini
Cye's Secret
Rough Sketches
Chibi Cyehorse
Chibi Ryo
Chibi Cale
Chibi Cye
Ronin Blues Brothers
Happy Sage
Ryo Chillin'
Ryo Wears Short Shorts
'97 Kento Sketch
Welcome to Reality '98
Welcome Back to Reality '01
Bent Angel
Chibi Kaosu's Angels
Kaosu's Angels
The Sunflower
Stayin' Alive
Sexy Rowen
A Warm Shoulder
What Do I Have to Do?
Kiss Me, Seiji
Fishonen Ai [ sketch ] [ color ]
The Merboy
Saturday Night Love
Immortal Love
Dress Code !
Spider's Web !
I Shocked the Sheriff !
The Dangers of Streaking !
Roman Beauty !
Sea Witch Kayura !
Flames !
The Odd Couple !
Gift of Flesh !
Tongue Tied !


The Sneeze of Doom (Das Niesan des Schicksals) [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
The Return of the Sneeze (Wieder Niesan)